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“We are not going to rule it out or in,” Nadler tells TIME.  “If our duty is to do it, we will do it.  If it’s not, we won’t.  Impeachment is not a punishment.  It is not a political act to say we think it’s a good idea to get rid of the President.  Impeachment is a defense of the Constitution, a defense of liberty.  It’s a very blunt sword that should only be drawn if absolutely necessary.  But it may be.”
    —    Representative Jerry Nadler
From an article written by: Molly Ball (with reporting by: Alana Abramson, Brian Bennett and Philip Elliott)
The article is titled: “The Path To Impeachment
The article appears in Time Magazine, dtd: 25 March 2019
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“I’m plugging away, not fading away,” Hirono says.
If Trump’s presidency has renewed her sense of purpose, it has not instill a love for political combat.  “I never refer to what I do as my career.  What kind of career is it that you have to run for office every two years and go out there and ask total strangers to support you?” she asks.  “It’s what I do.  It’s my service.”
So why not retire?
“One person can make a difference,” Hirono says.  “My mom changed my life by bringing me to this country.”  Plus, she says, the President needs a counterbalance.  “The battles that we win,” she says, “never stay won.”
Senator Mazie Hirono
As quoted by Philip Elliott in his article: “Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono is the Senate’s only immigrant and a thorn in the President’s side
Appearing in: Time Magazine
28 May 2018
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