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All the world over,
So easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
Listen, please listen,
That’s the way it should be
There’s peace in the valley,
People got to be free
You should see
What a lovely, lovely world this would be
Everyone learned to live together, ah hah
Seems to me
Such an itty bitty thing should be
Why can’t you and me learn to love one another?
All the world over,
So easy to see
People everywhere just wanna be free
(Wanna be free)
I can’t understand it,
So simple to me
(It is)
People everywhere just got to be free
If there’s a man
Who is down and needs a helpin’ hand
All it takes is you to understand and
To pull him through, ah hah
Seems to me
We got to solve it individually, ah ah
And I’ll do unto you what you do to me
Said, no
Hear the shoutin’ from the mountains
On out to the sea
No two ways about it,
People have to be free
(They gotta be free)
Ask me my opinion,
My opinion will be
Natural situation for a man to be free
Get right on board now, huh, huh
Oh, what a feelin’s just come over me
Love can move a mountain,
Make a blind man see
Everybody sing it now
Come on let’s go see
Peace in the valley now,
We all can be free
See that train over there?
Now that’s the train of freedom
It’s about to arrive any minute, now
You know it’s been’a long, long overdue
Look out ’cause it’s a’comin’ right on through
Ha, ha, yeah, ha, ha, yeah
Performed by:  The Rascals
Written by:  Edward Brigati / Felix Cavaliere
[Obviously, the lyrics are not taken from this particular video.  The video was selected because I wanted to show the group at that time period.  The lyrics are from various other versions – the 45 and other live versions.    —    kmab]
[2022 Note:  Since my posting (back in 2018), the original video has been removed on YouTube.  The one above is a replacement.    —    kmab]
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Today I’ve added two song lyrics to my Poems page.  I’ve also updated six more of the ones already on the page to include the YouTube videos.
The additions are:  “Lydia – The Tattooed Lady” and “People Got To Be Free“.  The performances are by Groucho Marx, and The Young Rascals, respectively.
Both of these songs are songs which just popped into my head when I woke up and stuck there for the rest of the day.  Both are from my earlier years – the first (“Lydia“) before I understood the “implications” of being a female in the circus and “tattooed”.  While humorously presented, it has a quite serious side.
The second song is from one of my all time favorite groups as an early youth:  “The Young Rascals“, later shortened to just “The Rascals“.  These guys had a string of hits, and this is one of my favorites.  I’m sure there will be more to come…
My favorite lines are:
Ask me my opinion,
My opinion will be
It’s a natural situation
For a man to be free
The six updates are:
I Am A Rock
Like A Rock
I Hope You Dance
She’s Gone
Like A Rolling Stone
I’m A Believer
If you don’t know these songs or haven’t read the lyrics lately, you owe it to yourself to check them out.  Then you can drop down to the bottom of the page to enjoy the performance.
As always, read the lyrics, enjoy the performances, then go support these artists or the artists of your choice.  Participate in supporting the Arts locally!  Keep Art alive in your community!
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