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P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)

Favorite Line(s):
Good evening
Do not attempt to adjust your radio,
There is nothing wrong
We have taken control as to bring you this special show
We will return it to you as soon as you are grooving
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Give Up The Funk

Favorite Line(s):
You’ve got a real type of thing going down, gettin’ down
There’s a whole lot of rhythm going round
Ow, we want the funk
Give up the funk
Ow, we need the funk
We gotta have that funk
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Get The Funk Out Ma Face

Did I ever tell you I luv me some thumpin’ bass?  (Sly and the Family Stone, the Brothers’ J, Parliament / Funkadelic – and the list goes on and on…)
I can’t say much for the rather repetitive lyrics, but I’m not on my feet dancin’ to the lyrics…  (Well, actually I am.  LoL!)
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