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As long as shy, reclusive farmers can write like this (William Faulkner’s Acceptance Speech for the Nobel Prize for Literature 1949) mankind will prevail!!!
To learn more about Faulkner,visit this site at the University of Mississippi.
Our tragedy today is a general and universal physical fear so long sustained by now that we can even bear it.
It seems the issue is no longer if we will be blown up, but rather, “Why is America no longer the country I was promised and the world no longer safe?” and more directly, “Who can I blame for this change, because it can’t have been my fault?”
Did you vote in Nov. 2000?  Nov. 2004?  Nov. 2008?  Will you vote in Nov. 2010?  Nov. 2012?  Do you want a continuing message of fear, hate and “them against us” or one of hope and calm reassurance?

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