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To be enlightened may not be so difficult.  What is difficult is not to be caught by enlightenment or to be attached to it.  To express enlightenment in each moment, is to live each moment afresh without ideas or attachment anywhere.  You can be trapped by your own way.  You should not try too hard.
To be sincere is not to make haste for attainment by self-centered ideas, but to do Zazen for the sake of your Big Self.  Do not make haste.  Do not try to do something ahead of time or behind time.
If it is raining out, do not walk fast, because it is raining everywhere.
My Master called me “Crooked Cucumber.”  I have seen many good Zen Masters and I do not think I can be a good Zen Master, so I should not work too hard.
Please walk in the rain with me and if I am too slow for you, please go ahead of me.
  —  From a lecture by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi


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