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Power Inside

We do not need magic to transform our world.  We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.
  ―  J.K. Rowling
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There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the mind.  In the long run the sword is always beaten by the mind.
   ―  Napoléon Bonaparte
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Just because you have silenced a man,
Doesn’t mean you have converted him.
[Another random note from my journal from many years ago…  Thinking of Paris, I would amend that killing a man doesn’t convert him either.  —  KMAB]
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Knowledge is the most democratic source of power.

―- Alvin Toffler
From his book: “Future Shock


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I repeat… that all power is a trust; that we are accountable for its exercise; that from the people and for the people all springs, and all must exist.

—  Benjamin Disraeli



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