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The road to growth, authenticity and empathy is not the road to happiness.   It is a path full of conflict, pain and even suffering.  But to eliminate these from life would be to deny the fullness and richness that life offers.
    —    Arthur Dobrin
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This may sound ‘old-man-ish’, but I believe steady advancement in whatever work you choose;  growing knowledge of many things;  creative imagination put to constructive use;  the growing respect and consequent advance in responsibility from your employers if you’re working for someone, or from you neighbors if you’re in business for yourself – those things are, in my opinion, of much greater value than the mere accumulation of money.  And the best part of it is, that if you grow in those ways, that extra money will come to you, but merely as corollary to the greater achievements.
    —    E. Everett Evans
From his book:  “Man of Many Minds
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