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When I had to consider the meaning of suffering I was faced with the ageless question:  Why does God allow it?
I conceive the answer to be that God has need of us to suffer for him; otherwise he could not know the extent of his creation, since creation without suffering does not exist.
God has created us to suffer through us, and since we believe that God is compassionate, think what agony our suffering must cause Him, cosmic suffering, on such scale!
It must be hard for God to do this to us, it must cause Him endless, infinite pain, since he is incapable of release through sleep or death.  There he has shown us mercy; there we have the advantage of Him.
     —    Marcus Harrison
From his book:  “The Memoirs of Jesus Christ
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The joy that’s felt within a heart
Can never be explained
To those who’ve never felt it
And those who’ve known no pain,
For Only he who knows remorse
Can feel deep tenderness,
And only he who’s once been sad
Can once again feel bliss.
   —    Written by:  Beth Biderman
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You can judge your age by the amount of pain you feel when you come in contact with a new idea.
    —   John Nuveen
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