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Where Do You Stand?

It is no use for one to stand in the shade and complain that the sun does not shine upon him.
    —    E. L. Magoon
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The usual fortune of complaint is to excite contempt more than pity.
    —    Samuel Johnson
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So, human beings complain that the world is ill-made, do they?  But ill-made for whom?  For Man, who, in the immense design of the Universe is no more than an unimportant mould!  The probability is that everything in this world which we think is botched or erroneous has its reasons at a totally different level of existence.  The mould endures, no doubt, a small amount of suffering, but somewhere there are giants who, huge in stature as in mind, live in a state of semi-divinity.  This is Voltaire’s answer to the problem of evil.  It is not very satisfactory because the mould need never have been created, and, in the eyes of God, it may well be that mere size is of no importance.
    —    André Maurois
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