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I am a fiscally conservative life-long Democrat.  I do NOT support the funding of President Trump’s wall.  Other than providing jobs for American workers, there is no benefit to building a wall.  I do support increased spending on Security (border security and almost all other forms of “useful” security) – even increasing it by billions of dollars – IF NECESSARY!!  But building a wall is NOT necessary.  It will do little to nothing to increase our security or decrease illegal immigration.  MOST illegal immigration happens when people lawfully enter the country and then overstay their visa.  A wall – no matter the height, depth or width – will not reduce this.
And, in any case, when our #IdiotInChief was a candidate he promised (as he was such a great negotiator) that we (U.S. citizens) would not have to pay for a wall.  As President, he was going to make Mexico pay for building his wall.  I say:  “Let him get Mexico to pay for it!”  AFTER we have the funds coming in from Mexico, then we can start building the wall.  And furthermore, not one cent is to be spent on the wall until then, and not more than one cent over what has been taken in from Mexico should be spent on the wall’s construction or maintenance.
I am not in favor of a government shutdown.  In this case, the shutdown is entirely President Trump’s fault.  He has been President for almost two whole years and he has done almost nothing to negotiate funding from Mexico, nor demonstrate that building a wall will do more than minimally increase our security.  The “security” money would be far better spent on increasing the enforcement of hiring legal employees and prosecuting employers who hire those without work permits.  This would actually reduce illegal immigration, by reducing demand for illegals.  It would also improve the economy by marginally increasing wages for those at the bottom scales.  This is because there would be fewer workers willing to accept minimum wages, so the price for labor would go up.  That is, if you believe in supply and demand.
To any Democratic office holder who votes in support of building a wall:  I will make a list.  I will check it twice.  And, I will make a donation to any Democratic candidate who runs against you in your next primary.
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