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To demonize the press, to characterize it as not just mistaken but malign, is to lay the groundwork for repression.
The enemy in any democracy is not dissent, from either within or without.  Dissent, in fact, is essential.  The enemy is dishonesty, ignorance, indifference, intolerance.  The ability to hold journalists accountable has never been greater, and we take legitimate criticism as a challenge to do better.  Attempts to suppress, dismiss and control, on the other hand, we understand as exactly what Thomas Jefferson warned against.
     —    Nancy Gibbs
Editor of Time Magazine
From her editorial:  “Jefferson’s Warning to the White House“, dtd:  13 February 2017
[Thomas Jefferson’s comment was that given the choice of government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, he’d choose newspapers over government.    —    kmab]
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