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Some people argue that we should not trust science, because scientists are “always changing their minds.”  While examples of truly settled science being overturned are far fewer than is sometimes claimed, they do exist.  But the beauty of this scientific process is that it explains what might otherwise appear paradoxical: that science produces both novelty and stability.  New observations, ideas, interpretations, and attempts to reconcile competing claims introduce novelty; transformative interrogation leads to collective decisions and the stability of scientific knowledge.  Scientists do sometimes change their minds in the face of new evidence, but this is a strength of science, not a weakness.
    —    Naomi Oreskes
From her editorial: “Put Your Faith In Science
Appearing in Time Magazine, dtd: 18 November 2019
The editorial also appears online at: https://time.com/5709691/why-trust-science/
[Please note:  the online version is not an exact duplicate of the text provided in the magazine – which is what appears above.  I don’t know why Time is using “slightly” different versions for different media (print vs online).    —    KMAB]
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