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If being a dog means you’re like Mr. Peabody, who never turns his back on you and who’s always there to pick you up when you fall and loves you no matter how many times you mess up; if that’s what it means to be a dog, then yeah! 
[Proudly] I’M A DOG, TOO!
  —   Sherman Peabody
From the movie: “Mr. Peabody and Sherman
[Yesterday, I watched a very cute animated movie titled: “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” (2014).  The movie is an extended version of a Saturday morning TV cartoon series by the same name which I used to watch as a young child way back in the early 1960’s.  Basically, a super-intelligent canine named Mr. Peabody adopts a human boy and raises the boy (Sherman) as his “son”.  Peabody invents a time-machine to take his son back in time so the son can learn life-lessons from history.  I really enjoyed watching this show as a child and I’m happy to report I found the movie is every bit as good as I remember the show to have been.
To be honest, I wasn’t intending to watch the movie any time soon, but my own son, James, was visiting over the weekend and he said it was really good and he thanked me for recommending it to him.  Apparently, he asked me about it some time ago and I said I hadn’t heard the movie was coming out, but the TV series was really good when I was a kid.  As I said, his review was to definitely see it as it was both educational and funny.  (And it’s available on Netflix.)
This is a family movie you can take your kids and grand-kids to.  There is no real violence and no bad language.   It is funny, touching and educational.  Final review: Highly recommended!!    —    KMAB]
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