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And yet, it’s a happier fact of human behavior that all tribes are separated less by walls than by membranes, and those membranes can break and the tribes combine as easily as two raindrops running down a windshield that need merely touch to merge.  But something must make the touching happen — and not many things can.
And if it made us small?  If it made us feel that we are of less consequence, less magnitude, than we usually think we are?  Well, good.  Humility was part of the veil of peace that was drawn over the country on Aug. 21.  So was community.  And so, it would be nice to think, was gratitude.
    —    Jeffrey Kluger
From his article:  “Mother Nature, the uniter, briefly eclipses the nation’s divisions
Describing the 21 August 2017, totality eclipse for Time Magazine dtd:  4 September 2017
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