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The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase.
    —    Yogi Berra
[Today my wife will be boarding a jet to go visit her family back in Liverpool.  Her mum isn’t doing too well these days and this may be Hil’s last chance to be with her before her mum passes.  The trip will be sad for Hil and lonely for me as she will be away for seven weeks.  As with every separation, I miss her before she has even gone.  Sometimes, I’m just silly that way…
PS:  Today’s post title is a line from the song: “Ferry Cross The Mersey“, by Gerry and the Pacemakers.  Liverpool sits on the north shore of the River Mersey estuary.  LOL  …And so ends the combo musical lyrics and geography lesson for today.  —  KMAB]
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After (to me) six long weeks, my wife is returning from visiting her family back in Liverpool.  I have missed her a great deal.  The above video is a dedication to the love of my life…  It’s not entirely accurate / appropriate since we’ve been married for over 30 years, but I do still cherish her and love the sentiment of the song’s lyrics.
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As I mentioned several weeks back, my mother-in-law had a fall and ended up in the hospital.   She was released, but subsequently has had a stroke, so she is back in the hospital.  My wife flew out to be with her mother about five weeks ago.
I miss my Hil terribly and each night before I go to sleep, I press her pillow to my nose and catch faint scents of her hair and perfume.  (And yes, I have washed the sheets since she left.  Just not her pillows.  Cheeky gits!)
Today I was reading one of the many blogs I follow and it asked a question:  “Do you ever just miss someone’s smell?
In my case, the answer is a profound, “YES!
And as this is a (mostly) “G” rated blog, I won’t discuss anything else I’m missing.  🙂
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