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Night Fever

Favorite Line(s):
Here I am
Prayin’ for this moment to last
Livin’ on the music so fine
Borne on the wind
Makin’ it mine
Night fever, night fever
We know how to do it
Gimme that night fever, night fever
We know how to show it
This song is (IMHO) a “classic” disco tune.  My “issue” with disco music wasn’t that I didn’t like it (the music).  Generally speaking, I liked it a lot (and still do – in doses).  My problem was that disco music (/ dance style) became a super-fad while I was in the Army and I had a psychological block against memorizing moves and dancing in formation.  I had the same problem when the next “fad” was country line dancing, YMCA and Macarena.  The “interesting” thing, for me, was I enjoyed marching in formation – when we had to do it.  I just mentally objected to carrying it (acting in formation) over into the civilian part of my life.  I still do…
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