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Tonight I dropped on to YouTube to see where serendipity would take me.  She (“serendipity” has always been a female to me) usually takes me to oldies and sure enough I found many, but was particularly touched by three:  “Heard It In A Love Song“, “Everybody Plays The Fool“, and “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely“.  All three were big hits back in the days when I was young enough to still be wondering if I’d ever find THE love of my life…
In reverse order then…  I think being such social creatures, men and women have an innate fear of not having friends or “finding” true love.  Admittedly, there are some who seem to be able to get by without either (or both), but I remain convinced loneliness is one of the great miseries of the human condition.  “Just Don’t Want To Be Lonely, is a great song about the fear of being unloved and lonely.  The particular portion which struck me listening tonight is:
I’d rather be loved
And needed
Depended on to give a love
I can’t give
When you’re gone,
When you’re gone
I don’t want to be lonely
The singer wants to be “depended on to give a love” he can’t give, when his lover is gone.  The contradiction there is stunning, because we are frequently left to love when lovers have left (particularly us older folks who face losing a spouse).  The obvious answer is that the singer is referring to physical “love”.  My question would be is that not the easiest “love” to find replacement for?  I would also ask if that is the kind of love which staves off loneliness?
The second song is called: “Everybody Plays The Fool” and was another hit by the same performers – The Main Ingredient.  This song is a cautionary tale about being hurt by giving your love to the wrong person.   In the throes of heart-break one is left to wonder, how you could not see what everyone else did?  Well, the simple answer is two-fold.  First, it’s hard to tell the true intentions of another, and secondly, it’s not something you learn “in school” (unless it’s the school of hard-knocks).  We each must take our turn.
Everybody plays the fool,
They use your heart just like a tool.
Listen baby.
They never tell you so in school.
I want to say it again.
Everybody plays the fool.
The third song lyrics I’ve posted on my Poems page is a “country” song (“Heard It In A Love Song“) about a person who is leaving a relationship even though he feels he is in love.  The line /phrase which has always struck me is: “I was born a wrangler and a rounder, And I guess I always will“.  While that’s the most interesting turn of phrase in the song, the equally interesting thing is the explanation / justification: because the singer heard it in a love song.  Obviously (to me), the singer has been listening to way too many “crying in your beer” songs and not enough “happily ever after” songs.  Just sayin’…
Always something greener on the other side of that hill
I was born a wrangler and a rounder
And I guess I always will
This last song has a great flute solo and so must be listened to to really be enjoyed.  It’s performed by the Marshall Tucker Band.  By the way, caution is in order before you go listen to these on your favorite music provider.  All three have great hooks and may end up being in your head for days.  A word to the wise will suffice…
And, as always, if you enjoy the lyrics, go listen to the performances, and finally, purchase the song.  Finally, believe it or not, both groups are still around performing…

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