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Advance the day,
Too Soon We Part
That Sooner Still
We might meet again.
Two Lifestreams
Joined and parted,
Joined and parted,
Joined and soon to part again
Our time is shared
Though miles between us be…
Our Love is shared
A bridge across the distance
My faith
In your Love
And in your strength
Binds me to you
A chain which Frees
My body to go – afar
My heart a gift
Held by you.
Too Soon we part
Love – tempered, and tested again,
My Lifestream flows (and yearns)
To join again with yours – Soon.
[This was another of the poems I have written over the years for my wife.  If you enjoyed this poem, please visit my “Poems” page to see others of mine, as well as some or my favorite poems, speeches and song lyrics.     —     KMAB]
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