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Hurt So Bad

Favorite Line(s):
I know you
Don’t know what I’m goin’ through
Standing here
Looking at you
Well, let me tell you that it hurts
Hurts so bad
(Hurts so bad)
It makes me feel so sad
(Hurts so bad)
It makes me hurt so bad
To see you again
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Going Out Of My Head

Favorite Line(s):
I see you
Each morning
But you just walk past me
You don’t even know that I exist
Goin’ out of my head over you
Out of my head over you
Out of my head day and night
Night and day and night,
Wrong or right
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Tears On My Pillow

Favorite Line(s):
If we could start anew,
I wouldn’t hesitate
I’d gladly take you back,
And tempt the hand of fate
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