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Yesterday I went to the hospital for an Electrocardiogram (ECG) in preparation for my Lithotripsy today.  Basically, I need to have a kidney stone reduced in size so I can (less) painfully pass it / them.  The following is a description of the today’s procedure and is taken from the John Muir Hospital web site…

Shock Wave Lithotripsy

Passing a kidney stone can be very painful.  Shock wave lithotripsy is a treatment that helps by breaking the kidney stone into smaller pieces that are easier to pass.  This treatment is also called extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL).  Lithotripsy takes about an hour.  It’s done in a hospital, lithotripsy center, or mobile lithotripsy van.  You will likely go home the same day.  This treatment is not used for all types of kidney stones.  Your healthcare provider will discuss whether this is the right treatment for the type of stone you have.
Image of Kidney during Lithotripsy
Energy waves strike the stone, which begins to crack.
The stone crumbles into tiny pieces.

During the procedure

• You get medicine to prevent pain and help you relax or sleep during lithotripsy.  Once this takes effect, the procedure will start.
• A flexible tube (stent) with holes in it may be placed into your ureter, the tube that connects the kidney and the bladder.  This helps keep urine flowing from the kidney.
• Your healthcare provider then uses X-ray or ultrasound to find the exact location of the kidney stone.
• Sound waves are aimed at the stone and sent at high speed.  If you’re awake, you may feel a tapping as they pass through your body.

After the procedure

• You’ll be closely watched in a recovery room for about 1 to 3 hours.  Antibiotics and pain medicine may be prescribed before you leave.
• You’ll have a follow-up visit in a few weeks.  If you received a stent, it will be removed.  Your healthcare provider will also check for pieces of stone.  If large pieces remain, you may need a second lithotripsy or another procedure.

Possible risks and complications

• Infection
• Bleeding in the kidney
• Bruising of the kidney or skin
• Blockage (obstruction) of the ureter
• Failure to break up the stone (other procedures may be needed)

Passing the stone

It can take a day to several weeks for the pieces of stone to leave your body.  Drink plenty of liquids to help flush your system.  During this time:
• Your urine may be cloudy or slightly bloody.  You may even see small pieces of stone.
• You may have a slight fever and some pain.  Take prescribed or over-the-counter pain medicine as instructed by your healthcare provider.
• You may be asked to strain your urine to collect some stone particles.  These will be studied in the lab.
I had the procedure done twice before back in the 1990’s while I was living in Liverpool, England.  Hopefully, I’m good for another 20 – 25 years.  (LOL)
A big shout-out to the office staff, nurses and doctors at John Muir Hospital – Concord, CA, campus!  You were all terrific and I felt VERY well cared for!
I am home and resting comfortably.  And, another shout-out to my lovely wife (Hil) for driving me back and forth and looking after me in my recovery at home!   💖
Just a side note:  my weight at the hospital yesterday was 332lbs.  My weight today (at the hospital) was 330lbs.  2lbs difference.  My weight at home yesterday was: 325lbs.  Today it was 324lbs.  A 1lb difference.  I was wearing virtually the same clothes (shoes, shorts and underwear).  I was wearing a change of underwear, but they were the same types of briefs and V-neck T-shirts.  I just thought this was “interesting”.
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The end of day thirty-one and the start of day thirty-two…
Morning weight:  317lbs.
I am now down “56/63”.  As in, 56lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 63lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 1lb loss, down from 318lbs yesterday.
I started this fasting on Friday, 27 July 2018.  Today is Monday, 27 August 2018.  At noon today, I completed a full calendar month of veggie-juice / fruit juice fasting.  I don’t remember if any of my prior 30 day fasts were on thirty day months or if this is a “first” because of the 31 days in July.  Either way, I’m proud of the accomplishment and I’m looking forward to finishing and moving on to the next stage – the lifestyle change and continuing to get healthier.
I gave blood today.  I should get the results sometime Wednesday or Thursday.  I also met with my urologist.  He says it’s confirmed I have a 6mm non-obstructive stone in my left kidney.  He recommends blasting it and trying to shortcut it getting bigger or it trying to come out on it’s own.  He said it’s possible to pass it, but it would be extremely painful.  I said, “Let’s get it done!”  He will try to have it scheduled for next week.  Fingers crossed…  I gave a urine sample while I was at the urologist.  I got the automated results and all tests came back normal and successful.  (So the fasting isn’t affecting my urine.)  This was a bit of a surprise as I have tested positive for blood in my urine for almost 15-20 years.  Trace amounts most of the time, but still positive.  I guess whatever was causing the bleeding has fixed itself for a while.  The urologist also said to stop my aspirin regimen in advance of the procedure next week.  He wants to make sure the aspirin has cleared my system.  I asked about possible clotting and he said he felt it is only a minor risk.  If I go into AFib, the lithotripsy procedure will be canceled.
Last night I watched the movie: “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” for a little inspiration.  It worked.  I’m psyched up to make it through the rest of this week.  Again, I have a colonoscopy on Thursday, so the current plan is to continue the fast through Friday and break fast on Saturday, 1 October.
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The end of day twenty and the start of day twenty-one…
Morning weight:  343lbs.
I am now down “30/37”.  As in, 30lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 37lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lb loss, down from 345lbs yesterday.  345lbs was a two-day plateau.  My second of this fast.
The night before last (Tuesday, 14 Aug. 2018), I passed the kidney grain which has been killing me for the last SIX weeks or so.  OMG what a relief!!!  The “stone” was about 3 times the size of a grain of sand, but was it ever painful.  And, the relief was almost instantaneous.  Just like flipping a light switch.  One minute agony.  The next, only a slightly bruised internal ache feeling.  That too was more or less gone by last night.  Today I felt like I was 40 years old again.  Unless you’ve been through it, I don’t think there are adequate words to describe the experience of prolonged pain and then none.
Today I went to the hospital for my CT scan and abdominal X-ray to see if I have stones (in my kidneys) which are large enough to worry about and / or to zap.  (I think POUND is a more accurate description of the lithotripsy procedure.)  If I need it, it will be my third time around that rodeo.  I had it done twice while I was living in Liverpool back in the 1990’s.
And… tomorrow at noon I finish three weeks of fasting!  Twenty-one days seems (now) to have flown by.  I’m feeling terrific (as I said above), so I will probably target 25 days (Tuesday coming) next and if I can make through another whole week, I’ll shoot for the full month (27 August).  For now though, I just want to make it to noon time tomorrow.
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