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Riding reductionism, we run into the hard wall of complexity.  We have learned that nature is not a well designed puzzle with only one way to put it back together.  In complex systems the components can fit in so many different ways that it would take billions of years for us to try them all.  Yet nature assembles the pieces with a grace and precision honed over the millions of years.  It does so by exploiting the all-encompassing laws of self-organization, whose roots are still largely a mystery to us.
    —    Albert-László Barabási
From his book: “Linked: The New Science of Networks
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Most systems displaying a high degree of tolerance against failures share a common feature: Their functionality is guaranteed by a highly interconnected complex network. …  It seems that nature strives to achieve robustness through interconnectivity.  Such universal choice of a network architecture is perhaps more than mere coincidence.
   —    Albert-Lászó Barabási
From his book: “Linked: The New Science of Networks
[I find myself wondering if a similar “tolerance”, “robustness” and “interconnectivity” exist and are demonstrable within mankind’s social network.   —    KMAB]
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