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Yet, while being a model of consistency, Lincoln was also uncommonly flexible.  He was a leader who would not and did not limit himself.  “My policy is to have no policy,” he’d say.  “I shall not surrender this game leaving any available card unplayed.”  Lincoln would always leave “an opportunity for a change of mind.”
     —     Donald T. Phillips
From his book:  “Lincoln On Leadership
[So, our greatest Republican President was ALWAYS ready to be a flip-flopper!   —   kmab]
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Lincoln knew that true leadership is often realized by exerting quiet and subtle influence on a day-to-day basis, by frequently seeing followers and other people face to face.  He treated everyone with the same courtesy and respect, whether they were kings or commoners.  He lifted people out of their everyday selves and into a higher level of performance, achievement, and awareness.  He obtained extraordinary results from ordinary people by instilling purpose in their endeavors.  He was open, civil, tolerant, and fair, and he maintained a respect for the dignity of all people at all times.  Lincoln’s attitude and behavior as president of the United States essentially characterized the process that symbolizes acceptable and decent relations among human beings.  Abraham Lincoln was the essence of leadership.
    —    Donald T. Phillips
From his book:  “Lincoln On Leadership
[I find it ironic that two of my favorite Presidents (Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt) were both Republicans.    —   KMAB]

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