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Rage is a dangerous emotion, not simply because it can be destructive but because it can be so easily satisfied with cheap targets.  Like my friend who picks fights online, I’m a veteran.  I know people who have been injured or killed overseas.  I’ve seen the damage bombs wreak on the bodies of innocent civilians.  And, yes, it fills me with rage.  But if that rage is to mean anything, it means I cannot distract myself with the illusion of adjudicating past wrongs with artfully phrased put-downs.  In a world where we are still at war, the most important question is, What do we do now?  There the moral certainty of my rage must be met with humility about the limits of my knowledge.
  —  Phil Klay
From his Opinion / Editorial: “The Enduring Emptiness Of Our Public Rage
Appearing in: Time Magazine, dtd: 5 November 2018
Online at: https://time.com/5434373/phil-klay-american-public-rage/
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Decimals have a point.
Calculus has its limits.
Geometry is just plane fun.
Polar coordinates aren’t just arctic fashions.
  —    Anonymous
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