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As mentioned previously in other posts, my son and I have been growing our beards out for a year to see what a year’s straight growth would look like…  Today marks one year and one day.  My wife does NOT like my “full” beard and has requested I shave it before she returns from Liverpool (on Sunday).  Since a happy wife == a happy life…

Image of me with beard.  19 April 2019

Winter is coming… (with chin coat)


Image of me without the beard. 19 April 2019

Sans Winter Coat

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Yours truly standing in front of the newly delivered yard sign for our daughter’s campaign for membership on the Community College Board.
Image of me standing in front of Bec's campaign sign
Note:  This is my “uniform”  (T-Shirt and cap) as I walk around our neighborhood dropping off fliers for her campaign.
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Today, Hil and I drove down to Merced, CA to watch our youngest daughter (Sarah) participate in her final Concord High School Marching Band competition.  They still have two more performances in December, but those will not be “judged” competitions. 

Sarah plays the flute in the Marching Band and Cymbals in the Percussion Line. 

This is Sarah’s fourth and final year in Band and the following photos are just a few from this trip and from the Santa Cruz Band Review (back in Oct. 2010).  Also included are a couple of photos showing the Band Moms helping to get the students ready for the competition.  The dedication of some of the Band Moms to their kids and to the Band / Music program is really something to watch (and experience.)

Enjoy…  (And please support Music and the Arts in your schools!!!)

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