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2016:  In the 2016 California primary I supported (and voted for) Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.  After almost 30-plus years of poisonous lies, I just didn’t believe Hillary (a conservative and imminently qualified Democrat) could defeat a Republican.  And, in all honesty, I also felt there would be a large anti-“female for President” vote.  I was surprised to see Hilary win the popular vote outright, but I knew she would not be President when she lost Florida (6:00pm PST).  The bottom line was Hillary would simply not have sufficient votes in the Electoral College to win.  This meant the election would go to the House of Representatives, which (at that time) was controlled by the Republicans.  This meant (to me) House Speaker (Paul Ryan) who was the Vice-Presidential Republican candidate in the 2012 election, would be elected president.  As it turned out, the “Rust Belt” Democrat fire-wall collapsed and Trump won the electoral count outright and became President despite losing the popular vote by over 3 million votes.  I thought, and still believe, Hillary was the better candidate, but Bernie had the policies I was more aligned with.  So I bought the t-shirt and voted for him.  When Hillary eventually became the candidate, I bought the t-shirt and supported / voted for her.
April 2019:  I hear Mayor Pete get interviewed.  While I still agree with all of Bernie’s policies, I continue to feel he is not electable and more importantly – he is NOT a Democrat.  The lesson of 2008 to 2010, is if you take the eye off the ball, the party will lose local and state elections and the country’s progress will slow (or stop).  The bottom line is (was) while I agree with almost all of Bernie’s policies, I don’t like him as a “Democrat” candidate.  So, I bought the t-shirt and have supported him (Pete) with small donations when possible.  I told my daughter who objects I can’t support him because Pete is un-electable.  I asked why and she replied, “because he’s openly gay!”  I had to search my soul, but in the end I decided that didn’t matter to me.
Saturday:  29 February 2020:  former Vice-President Joe Biden rode overwhelming African-American support to a dominant win in South Carolina.
Sunday:  1 March 2020:  I go on the ActBlue website to donate to Senator Warren and Mayor Pete’s campaigns.  Pete because I intend to vote for him in the primary and Warren, because she more closely aligns with my personal policies.  I STILL don’t believe Bernie or Biden can carry the country.  I don’t want to out vote Trump and have him win the Electoral College again.
Monday:  2 March 2020:  My favored candidate (“Mayor Pete”) did badly in South Carolina and then he flies to Texas to throw his support behind Biden.  Amy Klobuchar, who also did badly in South Carolina, drops out of the race and throws her support behind Biden.
Tuesday:  3 March 2020:  I vote for Warren.  Maybe she can slow the Bernie train…  Bernie is NOT a Democrat and South Carolina is a blip – until it isn’t.  And then, it isn’t.  Joe steamrolls Bernie!
Wednesday:  4 March 2020:  I am thrilled Bernie has been stopped, but Warren has policies which are closer to my own, so I go to ActBlue and make another (small) donation to the Warren campaign.
Thursday:  5 March 2020:  Senator Warren throws in the towel.
I know I’m being a bit repetitive:  I am still more closely aligned with Bernie’s policies, but (again) I’m still not supporting Bernie…  I will be supporting Joe AND I will be buying a t-shirt AND voting in November!
The Future:
And now, my hope is that Biden can wrap the nomination process up quickly and we can get on with defeating Trump, holding on to the House and flipping the Senate.  Then, we will finally be able to make some progress in improving the United States for the working class and the middle class  —  and not just for the 1%.
My prediction is that the Democrats will win the Presidency and keep the House.  The Senate is a long shot, but possible.  I also predict which ever candidate we put forward, it will only be a one term Presidency.  This is due to the age of both of the Democratic finalists.  Which in turn means Joe (or Bernie) REALLY needs to select a woman to fill out the ticket.  For my 2 cents:  I would propose either Governor Gretchen Whitmer or Representative Katie Porter.  Of the two, Whitmer is the safest because we desperately need to flip Michigan back to blue in November.  (Remember the Electoral College…)  Porter is less “significant” for political reasons, but my casual observations of her have been her absolute brilliance in her job in the House.  The down side for Porter (of course) is that she would have to give up her position as the incumbent in her district and put her seat at risk.  I do not feel other Democratic Senators should be considered for the same reason as Porter – we can’t afford to lose them from their current positions (or they are too old to head the ticket in 2024).  Frankly, I am not impressed by either of the two most likely candidates:  Klobuchar or Harris.  I’m just not a fan of Klobuchar and I don’t think four years as VP will make Harris ready for the big chair – and, yes, I did vote for Harris for the Senate.
So, that’s where I stand for now…  Go Joe!!!
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Image of me in my Mayor Pete for President t-shirt

“Mayor Pete” Buttigieg for President in 2020

Say it with me: “Boot Edge Edge
About a month ago I saw this young guy get interviewed.  The interviewer said the guy was the Mayor of some place in Indiana (okay, it was South Bend, but all I heard was blah, blah hicks-ville, Indiana).  He is in his second term and got re-elected with over 80% of the vote!  He is a graduate of Harvard and an Oxford Rhodes Scholar.  He speaks seven languages and learned one of them just so he could read a book in the author’s native tongue.  He is a former Naval intelligence officer and served in Afghanistan (for seven months) while on leave without pay from his mayoral duties.
So, I listened to him speak…  And, I decided.
Prior to this, my three favorites for the Democratic nomination were (in order):  Warren, Harris and Saunders.  (Yes, I am a Progressive / Liberal Democrat!)  To be honest, I think all have their weaknesses, but I believe any of them could defeat Trump.  The rest of the field, I’m not so sure of (including Biden), I don’t know anything about or I don’t really care for.  Anyway, I went online and bought a t-shirt – not realizing Mayor Pete hadn’t declared yet and was still in “just” the exploratory phase.
My daughter came over that evening and we were discussing who we each were favoring.  I said:  “Mayor Pete, but I can’t pronounce his last name.”  She said: “Do you really think he can get elected?”  I replied:  “Sure.  Why not?”  Her reply:  “He’s opening gay…”  WHAT???
She asked how I could support him knowing this and pointedly adding that putting up a candidate who could defeat Trump was the most important thing the Democrats could do and she didn’t think the country was ready to elect an openly gay man.  I said I agreed, but I didn’t think the country was ready to elect an African-American in 2008 or re-elect him in 2012 and look how those elections turned out.
Does being straight or gay matter when you are running for ANY political office?  From an electability standpoint, of course it does.  But should it?  If I don’t believe faith (Kennedy), infidelity (Bill Clinton and probably a host of others), race (Obama) or gender (Hilary Clinton) matter, why should sexual orientation?  Is being “straight” critical to Presidential job performance?
When asked about whether gays should serve in the military, Republican Senator Barry Goldwater replied (I’m paraphrasing):  “I don’t care if someone is straight.  I just want to know if they can shoot straight.”  We KNOW President Trump is not very bright (he doesn’t read and has no curiosity), is a liar, is a cowardly draft dodger, is a tax cheat, is a terrible businessman, he appears to be a Russian puppet and he seems to only be interested in making money off of his term in office.  On balance, Mayor Pete is intelligent, well spoken, well read, a patriot and more than competent in his current office over the last two terms, so no, being openly gay does NOT matter to me.
I hope American will listen to what “Mayor Pete” has to say…  Then you can make up your mind and vote you heart.
Is America ready for an openly gay President?  To be honest, I don’t know…  But, I AM!
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