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When my researchers were looking for material, they thought they were doing a good job by getting even more graphic and horrific material to show how truly bad the Muslim Brotherhood were.  I stopped all of that.  “This is a comedy show.” I told them.  This is not another talk show where we aim to be sensational.  We need to deal with the worst tragedies and find a way to deliver our message in a way that doesn’t repulse people.”
They looked at me in bewilderment, How are we going to find a funny angle in this?
But we searched again.  And this time we were not looking at the news.  We were looking for what was behind the news.  I directed them to look into the mentality that made these people do what they did.  With the police and the army, it was always easier to find their motives.  You are armed to the hilt and you receive an order from above to assault, to beat, and to kill.  The excuse will always be national security, or the sovereignty of the nation, or any other nationalistic bullshit.  But what makes people, normal people, who go with us to the same universities and schools, and even share the same workplaces, view us, the non-Islamists, as targets to be tortured and kill?
We followed the Brotherhood’s and the Salfis’ shows and their media and aimed to show our viewers what they thought about us.  This was not an easy task.  Their programs went on for hours.  No one actually watched them except their followers.  Yet we had to watch the endless hours of bullshit to show the country what kind of sick minds these people had.  My team had to endure the same agony Jon Stewart’s team had to go through while watching Fox News.  Now that’s truly torture.
    —    Bassem Youssef
From his book:  “Revolution For Dummies
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I asked him [Jon Stewart] about the fans.  I said, “There are too many people who expect a certain, directed kind of sarcasm.  I feel they want me to continue making fun of people who are no longer in power.  I can’t do that.  It is not right.  I am afraid that I will lose a lot of my fans.  I lot of people will hate me when they see I went against them.”
“Well, yes, that might happen,” he replied.  “So tell me, what else are you afraid of?  Your safety?  That they might jail you?  What?  What is you biggest fear?”
I thought about it for a minute and said, “Well, if they put me in jail that will make them look too stupid.”
“I agree,” he said.
“I guess it is just the fact that I might lose the popularity and the support,” I finally admitted.
“Well, my friend,” he said, “that is true courage.  Standing up for what you believe might not be what the people want.  You’re staying true to yourself no matter what the consequences are, though… that is true integrity.  Bassem, remember when I visited you in Egypt?  I told you that you need to ask yourself, what do you want to do?  Do you want to do comedy?  Or do you want to do something that lasts longer?  When you answer that, you will know what to do.”
“Dude, you never fail to impress me,” I said.
“Well, I am not in your shoes, and I can’t imagine being in your position.  We sometimes take freedom of speech for granted in the U.S.  It is people like you that will have to carve out their own space.  Whether you succeed or you fail, you have already made your mark in history.”
I realized how far I had come in only two years.  And here was my idol cheering me on.  His words echoed in my head:  “Write what you really feel, you will find a way.  If you are afraid, make fun of your fear.  If you can’t speak, make fun of that.”
     —     Bassem Youssef
From his book:  “Revolution For Dummies
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