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Movie review: “The Accountant”  (2016)
The Accountant” is an action / adventure / mystery / martial arts movie starring Ben Affleck as Christian “Chris” Wolff (accountant / really Batman as an internal auditor) and Anna Kendrick as Dana Cummings (female object of hero’s protective instincts).  Other main characters include J. K. Simmons as Raymond “Ray” King (government agent one – Obi Wan), Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Marybeth Medina (government agent two – Luke Skywalker), Jon Bernthal as Braxton (accountant’s brother / better known as the Punisher), Alison Wright as Justine (accountant’s sister), Jeffrey Tambor as Francis Silverberg (accountant’s mentor – Yoda), John Lithgow as Lamar Blackburn (bad guy), Andy Umberger as Ed Chilton (victim one) and Jean Smart as Rita Blackburn (victim two).  CAUTION: Spoilers follow!
Basically, Batman is feeling the heat from Gov Agents 1 & 2, so he decides to take an “easy” job, sorting out a bookkeeping error at a company about to go public and make a killing in their IPO (Initial Public Offering of stocks).  The female bookkeeper (Kendrick) has discovered the error and reported it to management, who feel obliged to sort it out before the IPO.  Enter Batman.  Blah, blah, blah, in early plot misdirection feign, victims one and two are killed by the Punisher.  Blah, blah, blah, action scene at farm.  Blah, blah, action scene saving object.  Blah, blah Batman and object fall in love.  Unrequited, of course.  He can’t say it and she can’t be sure he feels it (love).  Did I mention Batman is autistic?  Yup.  See above:  “Blah, blah…”  Anyway, blah, blah blah…  Big fight at rich guy’s / bad guy’s house.  Batman reconciles with brother / Punisher after killing bad guy and all of the Punisher’s henchmen.  Batman gives object / unrequited love a going away present and rides off into the sunset.   Setting up the inevitable sequel…
Final recommendation:  this is a highly recommended movie!  The martial arts and gun play are both well done and realistic (ok, maybe I’m pushing that part a bit).  There is also a surprising amount of humor.  The acting is good:  I don’t consider myself an Affleck “fan”, but he is terrific in this role – much better than as Daredevil or Batman.  I’ve only seen Kendrick in “Perfect Pitch“, and I also like her in that role, so I guess she’s two for two in my book.  I loved Bernthal in his Netflix “Punisher” role, and he too, is a winner in this movie.  Is it great cinema?  No, but it’s a very entertaining action movie woven into about a dozen (it felt like that many, anyway) story lines.  There is a substantial amount of violence, (gun violence specifically), so the movie is not appropriate for small kids.  Given the recent events in Las Vegas, there are probably quite a few adults who shouldn’t watch it either.  (Just saying…)  There is also a terrific closing song at the end of the movie!
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Movie Review: Footloose (the remake)
Yesterday I spent a pleasant afternoon at the movies with my daughter Sarah catching the remake of the 1984 kids-dancing classic:  Footloose.
It’s impossible to spoil the movie because the remake is almost a duplicate of the original and it’s hard to imagine anyone going to see this version who hasn’t already seen the original.  The premise is as hokie as ever, but it doesn’t really matter.  The acting is okay.  The direction is okay.  The movie runs through almost all the same stuff.  The dancing is marginally better – more acrobatic and less pop-n-stop;  but strangely less fun.  The change to the music in the warehouse gym / dance was poor.  It didn’t fit the movie or the timing of the dance.  I didn’t think the town preacher and wife were anywhere near as good in this version.  Dianne Wiest and John Lithgow were much better in the original.  I also missed the book burning scene, which was the transformation scene in the original – the dangers of censorship.
Is it better?  No.  Is it a great movie (what ever that means)?  No.  Is it charming and enjoyable?  Very much so.  Was it worth the time and cash?  Yup.  Recommendation:  Check it out.  There’s a lot worse ways to spend two hours.  If you haven’t watched the original in some time, go see this first.  It (this version) will suffer less from comparison.

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