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Believe It Or Not

Comment(s):  Yeah, this is just ear-candy…  This is the theme song from the TV series “The Greatest American Hero“.  It was a comedy / drama / super-hero / sci-fi show from the early 1980’s.  Although pretty hokey by today’s standards (okay, by 1980’s standards, too), I liked the show.  I found it more comedy / super-hero than drama / sci-fi, but whatever.  For a short few weeks this song was actually up in the top 10 hits of the week.  It’s a fun song and it brings back memories of in my mid-20’s and watching a lot of silly shows on TV.  And, “Believe It Or Not”, the show was piloted for a re-boot in 2018, but didn’t make the cut (with ABC).  Oh, well…  With modern special-effects, who knows?   It might have been decent…
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