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Another week’s gone by…
My jogging has picked up again this week without all the overtime at work.  I jogged at least 2 miles everyday at the gym in the morning.  I had two of my best times (including a personal best, which I subsequently tied 26min8sec).  The other good time was 2 miles in 27min57sec.  When I finished that run, I felt I’d done really well until I looked up my previous best – which was 27min27sec, set back on 15Feb09.  The thing was, I was 30lbs heavier!!
Anyway, the new PB was set without intervals – I just started out walking for a minute, 3.6 until 5 min, 4.6 until 15 min and then 5 until I hit the 2 mile mark.  The second time was with two 6’s thrown in for 2X220.  I felt my right knee twinge a little when I was decelerating after the 6s.  I think that’s how I must have hurt my knee last year (and again on Monday), by doing intervals at too fast a pace and then cutting the gas too quickly.
I just finished another book about running: “Jog, Run, Race” by Joe Henderson, (1977©).  Basically, it’s a primer on enjoying running as an end in itself.  The author wants you to become and “addict”, just like he is.  The tone is very friendly and conversational.  The book is loaded with tables providing well structured training plans for runners of all ages and stages.  The author has a fairly arbitrary division between milers and marathoners which he says is – from his experience – a natural divide.  Some runners want to go a little ways, fast (milers) and some prefer to go a long ways, slower (marathoners).  I guess if I were younger, I’d be a marathoner.  As it is, I’m an ultra and I want to go extra long and extra slow.
I didn’t do any long jogs last week – my longest was 90 minutes and, in fact, I was only out twice.  That’s why this week felt so much better – I had 5 jogs at work and 4 at home.
On the diet side there is more mixed news.  Last week I gained 2.4lbs.  I reckon it’s with all the OT and no night runs and then all the sugar and salt during the Super Bowl.  Anyway, this week I hope to do better.  I at least want to lose the 2.4lbs I put back on.
I’m thinking about trying to spruce up my image at work.  I may start wearing pants and a tie for a while…!  That should shock everybody.
This week should be good.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and Monday is President’s Day – so I have the day off.  Wednesday I have the dentist and the rest of the day off to kick it around.  That makes it a three day work week.  Next Saturday is my training on Wilson Reading Method.  After that, I may get assigned a student reader of my own.  I’m seeing Megan on Wed afternoon to discuss a potential student.
The last two weeks at work I’ve been in training for 1/2 day each day.  It’s been on IT stuff, so it’s been very interesting even if much of it is refresher stuff.
James may be working for the rest of the school year! Rebecca seems to be settling in to UCLA a lot more.  That’s good.  I want her college experience to be a good memory – and all work would not seem to me to be a “good” memory.  Sarah is off to Sacramento today for another band trip.  Hil is going to pick up Mom (to get her out of her house for a few hours).

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