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Today’s Special   (2009)  —  movie review
Yesterday I watched a very pleasant rom-com: Today’s Special.  Aasif Mandvi stars as the main character “Samir”, who starts the movie as a sous chef at an upscale New York restaurant.  He becomes frustrated with his boss when passed over for a promotion and quits.   Samir’s dreams of studying French cooking in France are dashed (hey, a cooking pun) after his father has a heart attack and Samir must take over his family’s Indian restaurant, “Tandoori Palace” in Queens.  The only customers are Samir’s uncles sitting at a table playing cards.  Samir doesn’t know what to do because his knowledge of Indian cooking is nonexistent until he meets his “Mr. Miyagi” – in the person of larger than life gourmet chef and taxi driver “Akbar” played by Naseeruddin Shah.  (Who, by the way, steals almost every scene he’s in.)  Samir’s world is transformed by Akbar’s cooking lessons.  A pretty co-worker and Samir’s love interest, “Carrie”  played by Jess Weixler, doesn’t hurt, either.   The actor who plays Akbar (Shah), may be more familiar to some as Captain Nemo from “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“.  I don’t recognize Weixler from anything else, but she was pleasant enough in this role to look for her in other future roles.
The movie also has two side stories: the first is about Samir’s family and a brother lost in a car accident; the second is about Samir’s mother trying to find him a bride.  I guess they are meant to add a bit of pathos and some insight into Indian family culture, but they end up kind of as filler…
There is very little which is new or original in this movie.  It is also extremely predictable.  But, who cares…  Sometimes you just want to watch a pleasant movie with a happy ending.  I watched this on Netflix and, while I may never buy a copy, I’ll almost certainly watch it again.  If nothing else, than to watch Shah play Akbar.  Final recommendation: strong recommendation!  A very pleasant (if unoriginal) rom-com.
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