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All I Am

Favorite Line(s):
Every daydream I have starts and ends with you
I wanna play it one more time
When I need an alibi,
You’re my perfect excuse
You are always on my side
‘Cause all I know and all I am is you
I’m breaking my silence
‘Cause I’ve had a few
I just can’t deny it
That all I know and all I am is you
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LOL!!  Sometimes it’s difficult making decisions about what song / video to put as the Anniversary / Birthday / Holiday tune.  This was my “alternate” song for a couple of days ago when Hil and I had our 34th wedding anniversary.  It wasn’t that I liked this song less; just that I’d liked the one I eventually chose (“I Can Love You Like That“) for much longer…
And the lyrics I particularly liked:
Every time I think I’m falling
I know you’re falling too
There’s no doubt you’re all in
If you ever think you’re falling
You know I’ll catch you too
‘Cause all I am is you
[You can find the full lyrics on my “Poems” page.   —    KMAB]
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