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Today is the voting for the vacated Senate seat in Alabama.  The seat is empty because the previous holder (Jeff Sessions) has become the Attorney General in the Trump administration.
Alabama is a very conservative “Christian” state and is heavily Republican.  Some folks have asked me what I thought was going to happen.  Generally, my honest opinions have been wrong (in sports and politics), but I’ll offer it up anyway…
So far, for the last few weeks, I’ve been predicting a “going-away” victory for Roy Moore over the Democratic candidate Doug Jones of 6 to 8 points based on moderate to normal turnout.  The most recent polls have been all over the place, with a few even showing Jones by 10 points.
I hate to say it, but I honestly believe the voters of Alabama would rather vote for an “alleged” pedophile than a Democrat.  They don’t want to believe the “Fake News” and they want to believe the allegations are just politically motivated lies.  Unfortunately, the American voting public has a long history of disregarding reality and voting based on emotional beliefs.
The only way Jones wins is if there is a massive (presidential level) turnout by Democrats AND a significant no-show by Republican voters.  In my humble opinion, this would be the equivalent of an act of God.  The news is currently reporting that the turnout is over presidential levels…  My current opinion is that Moore wins by a “landslide” of 10-15 points.  I pray I’m wrong, but as a Democrat, I would, wouldn’t I?
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