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Last night I watched a really terrific movie:  “Finding Forrester“, released back in 2000, and starring Sean Connery as William Forrester and Rob Brown as Jamal Wallace.  The movie is basically a master / grasshopper movie with Connery in the Juan Sánchez Villa‑Lobos Ramirez : Yoda : Mr. Miyagi role and Brown in the Connor MacLeod : Luke Skywalker : Daniel Larusso role.  But, instead of the swords, “The Force”  and karate, the lessons are about ideas, words, writing and seeking your own path in the world.
The movie is fairly predictable in terms of story line, pace and resolution (happy ending), but it works!  Connery is masterful but Brown manages to hold his own in their joint scenes and more than hold his own when he is the focus of the scene.  The dialogue is witty and mature allowing the characters to grow in the relationship of their friendship.  One of my favorite scenes is the two of them watching “Jeopardy” and Forrester thinks Wallace doesn’t know something (the author of a work) and makes a comment, to which Wallace replies with the name and the riposte:  “I’ll take poor assumptions for $800, Alex.”
Two (of many) strong performances in a movie about seeking and finding personal growth with several brilliantly insightful comments about human nature (and writing).  Good for a laugh, several chuckles and a tear-up (if you’re a softy like me).  Highly recommended!!
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