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I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
   —  J. Wellington Wimpy
Guess what?  We’re having an election this year.  Guess what?  A number of Democratic Party office holders are in states which the President won – some by double digits – in 2016.  Guess what?  Most of those same office holders are more interested in trying to hold onto their offices than they are in trying to defend the American working class and future members of the working class (DACA “Dreamers”).  Guess what?  Sometimes I wonder why I continue to support a “Democratic” Party which fails – over and over again – to stand up to Republican right-wing reactionaries and hypocrites.  Why did the Democratic leadership collapse?  Because they don’t have ANY leaders who can deliver a message to the average American with a simple, honest message about what it takes (costs) to be a free people in modern times.  The Democrats don’t know how to SELL freedom, opportunity or civilization.  The result is Republicans SELL false security (behind an expensive and useless wall), protectionism from the “thems” and the “others”, and the naivety that if we place our lives in the hands of our “betters” (the rich) and go back 50 to 100 years in civil rights and liberties, we will somehow restore America to our glorious past.
At least we have the “firm” commitment from the Senate Majority Leader that they will “consider” voting on the DACA “sometime” in the future.
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