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Like many of my blogs about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, there is a lot of serendipity involved.
While I was in Liverpool, I was attending a BBQ and they were playing some 60’s/70’s hits on the iPad.  One of them hit me like a hammer and stayed with me the whole three weeks I was visiting.  The song was “Can’t Get Used To Losing You” by Andy Williams.  Of course, as soon as I got back, I looked it up on YouTube and stumbled upon “More” and “It’s All In The Game“.  Soooo, I’ve now added the lyrics to these three songs to my poems page.  Two points: “More” is probably more famous by Perry Como and “It’s All In The Game” is probably more famous by Nat King Cole.  As usual, I’m doing the lyrics based on my memories, so the Andy Williams out-points Perry Como for “More“, but Nat King Cole out-points Andy Williams for “It’s All In The Game“.
Now, aside from the great lyrics and excellent rendition, the thing which catches me about this song (“Can’t Get Used To Losing You“) is the plucking of the strings at the start.  I’ve probably listened to the song a dozen times since getting home and I still think it’s a terrific way to start a song!
As always, read the lyrics and enjoy the language of songs.  Go see/listen to the performances on YouTube (or wherever you go to listen to music).  And then, if you enjoyed them as much as me, go buy the song (or go listen to a live performance by someone – anyone).  Enjoy life a little more by singing your favorite songs!!

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