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To close out the weekend, here’s another handful of song lyrics to read, think about (go listen to) and enjoy:
If “The Boss” could see the economic problems (and irony) in America in the ’80’s, why are we still facing them thirty years later?  —  Born In The USA
Here’s a couple by Darius Rucker.  If you’ve ever been driving by yourself on a freeway at 5:00am and the fog is so thick you can barely see the traffic lines (let alone any signs), this one will touch a nerve.  —  I Hope They Get To Me In Time
This second D.R. song is for all of us Dads who missed too much just makin’ sure there was a roof and food…  —  It Won’t Be Like This For Long
The last two of this handful are from Rodney Atkins.  The first is just a great story about living in America.  —  These Are My People
The second is about persevering…  Some times you just gotta keep on keepin’ on…  —  If You’re Going Through Hell
All of these MUST be listened to!!  As much as the words will mean on reading, some song lyrics are meant to be heard sung – these five are definitely in the “hearing” group.

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