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The end of day thirty-seven and the start of day thirty-eight…
Morning weight:  324lbs.
I am now down “49/56”.  As in, 49lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 56lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s weight is a 13lbs increase, up from 311lbs yesterday.  And, the explanation follows…
I mentioned last week that on the day of my colonoscopy my weight was 330lbs at the hospital where I got the procedure.  I also stated my weight was 309lbs at the doctor’s office earlier in the same week.  Well, it turns out when I jumped on my scale this morning it said I’d gained 5lbs (316lbs) since yesterday (311lbs).  Given that I didn’t go for my swim, had only in the low 22K for steps and drank some “low-sodium” broth and then a 32oz bottle of ice water before going to sleep, I expected it to be a plateau or slight gain.  I did not expect a 5lbs gain…
I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to move my scales for a “reset”.  Instead of having them on a sports mat, I have put the scales back on a concrete surface in a corner of the mats.  I made sure to keep the lip of the scale from the edges of the mats.  I then weighed myself in the various positions (toes off the edges, toes at “8” and “4”, toes at “0”).  I did the positions both individually (by stepping off the scale in between) and together (transitioning from one to the next without stepping off).  What I found was toes off the edges: 340lbs.  Toes at “8” and “4”: 335lbs.  Toes at “0”: 324lbs.  I am assuming I haven’t gained any weight since the colonoscopy, and will, therefore, use the 324lbs going forward.  I will also leave the scale off the mats for the duration and continue to use the “0” toes position for the duration.
This is a “terrible” psychological setback.  Even though I KNOW I haven’t gained 13lbs, it “hurts” just looking at the scale.  LOL  (Aren’t I turning into a back-of-hand on forehead drama queen?)  The practical effect of this is there is (in my head) far less incentive to go another week, let alone two weeks to try to reach 50 days.  At 311lbs, two weeks would almost certainly have been enough time to get below 300lbs.  It is almost impossible to get to 300lbs from 324lbs in that amount of time.  And this is the problem of setting goals beyond “one more day, just one more day”.
A Blend Day:  Hil bought a bunch of bananas and then wasn’t able to eat them all, so three started to go black.  She didn’t want to waste them so she tossed them in a blender with some pinto beans and made me a “protein” smoothie.  Bananas don’t juice well because they have a low fluid to fiber ratio, so “blending” is the best you can really do with them.  Bananas are not considered a “juicy-fruit”.  This is why they are not recommended for folks breaking a strict juice (or water) fast.  They sit like a weight in your stomach and don’t “pass-through” easily.  The taste and texture wasn’t much to speak of, so I added some apple and green “V8” juices to the mix.  It slightly improved the taste, but it definitely made it drinkable (instead of frozen yogurt-like spoon-able).
Wrapping this up:  I have to make my veggie juice and my ginger / mint tea.  I’m then off to the pool for my swim.  And it’s back to “day by day”.
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The end of day thirty-six and the start of day thirty-seven…
Morning weight:  311lbs.
I am now down “62/69”.  As in, 62lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 69lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 313lbs yesterday.

Image of Scale from 18_8_31 showing 313lbs

Scale: 313lbs (Yesterday)

The image (above) shows me standing on the scale as described in a previous post with my heels and big toes together at “0” on the scale.   This is how I measured the 380lbs when I began the juice fast.  It does have a different weight than with my toes at other positions, but I felt it allowed me to more accurately repeat the weigh-in process to get a consistent measurement.  This differs from the earlier photo which showed my big toes at the “8” and “4” positions (at the forward edge of the black pads) due to a change in the scale getting moved.  I started at “0” and now am back to placement at “0”.
I got a fairly good night’s sleep, but I have been very tired and sore most of the day (back, shoulders and chest).  I’m not sure why.  Maybe I pushed too hard yesterday – only one day after the colonoscopy.  I feel like I’ve been in a boxing match and got pounded on.  I passed two grains (kidney stones) this afternoon, so the soreness might also be from them.  Otherwise, I am back to having a daily “BM”, so that’s a good thing, too.
I had a discussion with my wife about breaking the fast.  She says if I want to go on, she will support me, but she doesn’t want me to go indefinitely.  She’d prefer if I would stop after one more week.  I said I would prefer to try for two more weeks as that would make an even fifty day fast.  She says she feels that would be pushing it too far and she is concerned about my health.  I said I have a doctor’s appointment at the end of this month and we can get a opinion from her (my primary care physician), then.  In the mean time, I’ll be seeing my urologist for my kidney stones and getting a blood workup for my cardiologist.  Hil asked me how I feel “in myself”.  I said except for today’s tiredness, I feel like I’m ten years younger.  I then admitted I am thinking about food a LOT more the last few days.  She replied she knows because I’m talking about food a lot more, too.  (Me thinks the final curtain draws near folks…)
So, Hil went to the market and bought me another batch of veggies to make more juice.  Tomorrow, I will be busy with that:  veggie juice prep and ginger / mint tea prep.  Day by day and see how I feel next Thursday / Friday…  This will be our first Labor Day without a BBQ in many years…  😦
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The end of day thirty-two and the start of day thirty-three…
Morning weight:  315lbs.
I am now down “58/65”.  As in, 58lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 65lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 317lbs yesterday.
Scale Issues:  Some of you may recall back on Day 22, I talked about moving weights around and putting down some new floor mats in my “workout” room.  When I did that, I somehow “messed” up my scale.  It was showing my weight as down about 15lbs below what I had in the morning.  I tried various things to get the scale to “fix” itself, but it would not cooperate.  In the end, I had to reposition my feet to get it to come close to where I was in the morning.  This “new” position was the one shown in the photo on Day 27.  In it, you can see my heels touch and my toes are positioned near the curves of the rubber (at roughly 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock on the face of the scale).  Prior to Day 22, my heels were touching and my big toes were touching at the “0” (zero) on the scale.  This was my way of trying to designate where my feet should always be place for a consistent weigh-in.
Well, to make a longer story short(er), this morning I suddenly gained about 12 to 15 lbs!!  This was with my toes splayed (as in the photo).  The bottom line was the only way to get a weigh-in that was close to yesterday was to go back to the original position with my heels and toes touching and big toes at the “0” (zero).  I don’t have a clue what happened.  I did not move the scale.  I did not bounce on the scale…  I just don’t know.  So, it appears I am back to my original foot positioning.  Which I am happy about because I felt it was a more accurate way of getting my feet in the same position every day for the weigh-in.  Future photos (if I post any) will appear with heels and toes touching.  …Subject to the scale-gremlins and other unknown factors.
Other Thoughts:  My wife said: “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could break 300lbs!”  I replied that would probably take another 10 days if I continue to lose at the current rate.  She replied she was happy where I’m at and with my breaking the fast this Saturday as she’s tired of it (the fast) and of eating alone.  We then talked about how I’m thinking about food more and more.  She said it is probably because I’ve emotionally committed to ending the fast and I’m losing focus.  I laughed and agreed…  Day by day.   Four(4) days to go.
Tomorrow and Thursday will be two more “Life” days.  (A “Life Day” is what happens when you plan something – a nice, quiet fast, for example – and then LIFE gets in the way to change your plans.)  I have to change my fluid intake to accommodate a clear fluid day due to prep for my colonoscopy on Thursday afternoon.  No “red” juices – grape, black cherry, strawberry, etc.  No veggie-juice with “sediment”.  Plus, I have to drink the “Bowel Prep Kit” mixture to fully flush my system.  It’s actually a two-fer.  I have part one at 5pm tomorrow (plus two 16oz of water within an hour) and then part two (same thing again) in the morning 6 hours before the procedure.  After all that, I should be weak as a newborn puppy…  Well, a 300lbs plus puppy.  So, anyone reading this:  keep me in your positive thoughts and / or prayers…
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The end of day twenty-five and the start of day twenty-six…
Morning weight:  332lbs.
I am now down “41/48”.  As in, 41lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 48lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 334lbs yesterday.
The difference between humans and machines is our singular (for now) ability to interpret data and decide to believe / accept it or not.  This morning, my scale is bouncing between 329 and 330lbs.  This is four or five pounds less than the the previous day’s weight.  I simply do not believe that this far into a fast it is possible to lose 4 to 5lbs in a single day without most of it being water weight.  As such, I’m recording the loss for today as only 2lbs.  I will make an extra effort to ensure I stay hydrated today / tonight, and see what the scale says tomorrow.  IF it still says I’m down that much weight, then fair enough, otherwise I’ll feel vindicated in “suspecting” something was just funny with today’s weight.
Other news:  Not a lot.  The day has been grey, overcast, cool and windy.  Not conducive to an outdoor swim, but I went anyway.  I have to admit I am enjoying swimming a little more each day.  Oh, yeah…  My oldest is running for an elective office in November.  Today I went an ordered a few t-shirts for the family (and a couple of friends).  Hopefully, everyone will get a kick out of them when we host our house party for her campaign.  LOL!!
Tomorrow I take Hil for her surgery on her skin cancer.  They’ve said it’s very minor and there is nothing to worry about, but I’ll be the judge of that after it’s done and dusted.  It will be at least a half day affair and starts at 6:00am.  Meanwhile, I will be sleeping uncomfortably in the waiting room…   Any and all prayers are gratefully accepted.
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