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For the last week, it’s been in the mid-to-low 70’s to high-60’s here.  So my better half decided yesterday that our front yard needed it’s first cutting of the year.  The gardener / laborer (me) took care of that while the chief chef and bottle washer (her) went off for some groceries.  While I was doing the mowing I noticed we got our first rose of the year in our front path.  We have a series of miniature rose bushes on one side of our front path.  There on the smallest bush, was a tiny rose barely the size of the tip of my thumb.  I mentioned this to my wife and she said there is also a single rose out in the backyard.  And, below are the two of them…

2021 First “mini” rose on the front path…

2021 First rose in the backyard…

The backyard (red) rose is not a “mini”, but it’s also not a normal size of one from a florist.  I guess it is still too early in the season for that size.
I apologize for the fuzzy images, but I’ve never claimed to be a decent photographer.  When I tried to shoot between breaths, I could feel my heartbeat shaking my arms / hands.
To paraphrase some quote I’m sure I’ve read somewhere:  “Enjoy the moments of beauty and the days of your life will take care of themselves.”  (Okay, maybe I made that one up.   —  KMAB)
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Yesterday, I woke up to darkness.  The alarm clock said it was after 8am, but the bedroom was DARK!  I slipped out of bed and went to look out the window and I felt very much like what the surviving dinosaurs must have felt the day after the meteor struck.  “Well, I’m still here, but it looks like Hell out there!”
The sky was a dark reddish, orange and grey with a steady (but light) ash-fall.  The streetlights were still on, because the day-light sensors were telling the lights it’s still night-time.
Here’s a shot looking east to where the sun normally is at this time of morning…
Here are a couple of shots of my car (which is parked under our carport)…
Here’s a shot of the ashes covering our backyard garden table…  The shadows you see are from the motion-activated yard lights which only come on when it is “dark”.  They don’t come on during dusk / evening / twilight.  Only when it is night.
The “day” brightened in the mid-afternoon before quickly getting dark again.  The “orb” of the sun was never visible in the sky.
Just as a matter of personal curiosity, the lack of visible spectrum light made the greens, oranges and reds REALLY pop out with incredibly vibrant color.  Truly bizarre!  Or, as Mister Spock would say:  “Fascinating!”
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A few weeks ago, we finally got our back yard area worked on.  We had a fence repaired.  A wind storm toppled it and it was propped up with some supports ever since.  We got the path on the north side of the house re-done.  We’d had it done, but it didn’t slant away from the house, so it tended to puddle, or worse, tilt water towards the house.  And, we got two small patio areas added – one with some left over bricks we’d had for years, and one with some paving squares.  Here are some before, during and after photos…
Image of Old North Side Path

Old North Side Path

Image of New North Side Path

New North Side Path

Image of Original NE Corner w/ rusted shed

Original NE Corner w/ rusted metal shed

Image of NE corner w/ shed gone and bricks stacked up on dirt between the trees

NE corner w/ shed gone and bricks stacked up on dirt between the trees

Image of New NE corner w/ gray stones added, red path pads added and sitting areas completed.

New NE corner w/ gray stones added, red path pads added and sitting areas completed.

Image of New sitting areas (brick and pavers), with white stone trim and invading gnomes and other varied yard critters.

New sitting areas (brick and pavers), with white stone trim and invading gnomes and other varied yard critters.

Image of me in a hammock.

Moi assuming the position. I always swore I’d put up a hammock between those two trees!!

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If any readers share my need for the occasional lighter post, here’s an update on my front yard…

An angled view…

From the front door…

Angled view up the path…

Snapdragons and stones…

Snapdragons and frogs…
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Last week I posted images of some of the roses we have starting to bud / blossom out in our front yard.  Here’s the updated images….
The Red Bloom
The Two Yellow Blooms
Our Snapdragons and a single Red…
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First Buds

Last Monday I was out in the front yard cutting the grass.  We have a number of miniature rose bushes on either side of our front path.  I noticed two of the bushes have buds which are starting to bloom.
Our first “red” bud.
Two yellow (with pinkish tinge) buds.
Once these get going, they will continue to bud and bloom through late-September / early October.
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True Color

My wife has been telling me the photo I posted of our newly painted house has been generating questions on her Facebook account about what shade of yellow we got.  It’s NOT yellow!  It’s grey / gray, with white trim and red high-lights…   The fading was caused by my taking the photo in the evening sun, which I guess bleached out the true color.
Here’s a re-take from this morning…
Here’s the photo from a few days ago…
And, yes, I can see why it may have been a bit confusing.  LoL
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We just spent the last week getting our home painted on the outside…  Here’s the spanking new 2020 version!
The 2015 version…
The 2014 version…
The 2011 version…
The 2007 version…
Needless to say, but we’re dead chuffed with the results!!
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