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No Words

I spent some time in search of words
To explain what it is I feel
They continue to elude me
Though I long to express – and not conceal
How completely it is you move me
With everything you are
Unmatched – your beautiful soul
As it touches those both near and far
I called upon all poets
With hope I could define
How it is that you have changed me
By sharing your heart with mine
I realized that perhaps
The words simply haven’t been created
And recognized this lack of words
Is indeed how it can be stated
To love beyond words
[Quoted from one of the blogs I follow:  http://busymindthinking.com/
The specific post is at:  http://busymindthinking.com/2016/02/17/no-words/
Well worth a view and a follow.    —    KMAB]
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