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The Love I Lost

Favorite Line(s):
I can remember planning
Building my whole world around you
I can remember hoping
That you and I could make it on through
But something went wrong
We loved each other
We just couldn’t get along
Take a good look at me
I’m in misery, can’t you see?
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Bad Luck

Favorite Line(s):
You’re downhearted and confused
Because lately, you’ve been startin’ to lose
Losin’ out on everything you might try to do
Bad luck is there, it’s got a hold on you
Losin’ your money, ’bout to lose your home
Done lost your woman and everything’s wrong
Law of average plainly states that chances go around
But if you wanna know the truth about it
I’ll tell you what’s pulling you down, yeah
You got (bad luck, that’s what you got, that’s what you got), yes, sir
Bad luck (that’s what you got, that’s what you got), yeah
Bad luck (that’s what you got, that’s what you got)
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Wake Up Everybody

A powerful song which is just as relevant today as the first time I ever heard it.  (This isn’t the “best” sounding version on the internet, but it is one where they are clearly not lip-syncing.)
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