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She’s Gone

Favorite Line(s):
Get up in the morning
Look in the mirror
I’m worn as a tooth brush hanging
In the stand
My face ain’t looking any younger
Now I can see
Love’s taken her
Toll on me
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Two Heritages

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Rich Girl

Favorite Line(s):
High and dry,
Out of the rain
It’s so easy
To hurt others when you can’t feel pain
And don’t you know
That a love can’t grow
‘Cause there’s too much to give,
‘Cause you’d rather live
For the thrill of it all, oh
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Ghetto Child

Favorite Line(s):
A child’s reality
Is paid for by his folks
Fancy fairy tales
Are born and sold by those
Who can well afford
Time to make believe
Childhood dreams can still
Come true
Uh, huh- huh- huh
I had to laugh when preparing this post because I always thought / “heard” these lines differently…   I thought / remembered them as:
A child’s reality
Is paid for by his folks
Passing fairy tales
They’re bought and sold by those
Who can well afford
Time to make believe
Childhood hopes and dreams
Can still
Come true
Uh, huh- huh- huh
[And, as an aside, I practically wore the groves out of this album (“Spinners“) and the “Mighty Love” album.  The Spinners and Hall & Oates were my two favorite groups for a couple of years back in the 1970’s.    —    KMAB]
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A friend asked me to post (on Facebook) the covers of ten(10) vinyl albums which had an impact on the musical taste(s) in my life.  The limitations are / were:  they must be (have been) vinyl, they should be posted one per day and with no explanation.  I don’t use Facebook for ten consecutive days, so here they are in one fell swoop…
My only criteria were: I had to own the album at or near the time of release, I had to have played the album (at least) 50 times the first year I owned it and it has to have at least one song I can still recite practically word for word.  I’m 99% sure I still  own all of these, but it might take some rooting around to dig them up…  (LoL!)  And, yes, there are literally dozens more I could have included on this list up through the early 1990’s when I moved to Liverpool and after which mostly (almost exclusively) bought CD’s (hence the shortage of country and modern artists).
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