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Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.
   —    Isaac Asimov
[I hope I am incorrect, but I honestly do not believe a single Republican in either the House or the Senate will vote to impeach or convict #DonTheCon.  We are rapidly approaching a sadder day for the GOP than his nomination or election.  We are approaching the day when the GOP abandons all moral authority to lead the country and surrenders the Constitution and the rule of law to a criminal running the government as a cult of personality.   Assuming he continues to vote his conscience, history will show only Justin Amash of Michigan, (a lifelong Republican who last July 2019 switched to Independent) was the only Republican who had the courage to defend the Constitution.  I could almost (ALMOST) understand if the Republican defense was “What the President did was against the law and wrong, but we don’t feel it rises to the level of an impeachable crime.”  But, they (Republicans) won’t even go that far because it would then require them to censure the President in an election year.  The GOP will be confirming they are a party of liars and cowards.   —    KMAB]
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If we succeed in this country, if we make this a great country to live in, if we reflect our vitality and energy and strength around the world, then the cause of freedom is strengthened.  But if we fail, all fail.  If we stand still, freedom stands still.
    —    John F. Kennedy
[When a political party is willing to sacrifice the energy and strength and economy of our country in the cause of forcing a Presidential administration into failure, freedom itself is weakened.  I did not support many of the policies of Presidents Reagan, Bush I or II, but I would never have considered weakening the American workforce or forcing a default on the nation’s credit standing in order to bring down their administrations.  In my opinion, the only reason the actions of the current Republican Party (the GOP) over the last three plus years are not clearly treasonous, is because we are not engaged in a declared state of war.  I wonder how a Party which claims to love the country and our Constitutional form of government can act so recklessly to attempt to bring scorn on that very government.   —   KMAB]

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