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Gentle On My Mind

Favorite Line(s):
I dip my cup of soup back from a gurglin’
Cracklin’ caldron in some train yard
My beard a rustling, cold towel, and
A dirty hat pulled low across my face
Through cupped hands ’round the tin can
I pretend to hold you to my breast and find
That you’re waiting from the backroads
By the rivers of my memories
Ever smilin’ ever gentle on my mind
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Why Were You Sent?

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By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Favorite Line(s):
She’ll find the note I left hangin’
On her door
She’ll laugh when she reads the part
That says I’m leavin’
‘Cause I’ve left that girl
So many times before
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Wichita Lineman

Favorite Line(s):
And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time
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Except When He’s Left

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Dance The Night Away

To be honest, I was not a “big” Van Halen (group) fan.  I do own their “Greatest Hits” CD and “1984” album and I did really like a number of their songs (particularly this one and “Jump“).  Having said that, I was a fan of Eddie Van Halen.  I thought he had some great riffs and he always seemed to bring a sense of joy to their videos.
I heard (today) Eddie passed away after a multi-year struggle with throat cancer.  The world is better for his having been a part of it.  The music world is a little less tonight for his loss.
Hendrix, Prince and (now) Eddie Van Halen…  Heaven must be jammin’ & screamin’ tonight!  I bet Glen Campbell and Roy Clark are fingerin’ in a few licks with them, too!
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Today I was browsing around on YouTube, just listening to this and that, and I found a song by someone I think is an under-appreciated artist: Glen Campbell and the song is “Less Of Me“.
Despite the fact that Glenn Campbell has had a phenomenal career spanning decades (50+ years!) with multiple hits (70 albums), I think he took a little flak for being in the transition period (when country was Nashville and fading) during the ascendancy of Rock / Disco and Rhythm and Blues (aka “Soul”) – in other words – Pop music.  It didn’t help his street cred that he had a variety show on TV.  In the background, Glen Campbell was a terrific musician and song writer who cut his teeth playing as a “session” musician.  Basically, he played a lot of background music for other artists.
Glen Campbell has retired now for health reasons.  I compare him to Willie Nelson (in country music), Bob Dylan (folk / pop music) and a hand full of others whose careers have spanned 50 years, we may never see his like again…
As always, enjoy the words / lyrics, go listen to the song on your favorite music provider and then go listen to some live music.  Support the Arts!  While you’re on my Poems page, feel free to check out some of my poems, some of my favorite poems and speeches (by others) and the lyrics of other songs I like.  Quite a few of them are older songs, some are funny, some are sad, some just remind me of past friends or earlier days.  Enjoy!!
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