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The end of day twenty-eight and the start of day twenty-nine…
Morning weight:  323lbs.
Finally, a 2lbs loss!  I am now down “50/57”.  As in, 50lbs down from my fasting start weight: 373lbs, and 57lbs down from my highest weight ever (two days before I started the fast): 380lbs.  Today’s loss is a 2lbs loss, down from 325lbs yesterday.
In my past fasting attempts, I’ve never had a four or five pound loss after day three.  This is because up until then (day 3) I was losing stomach content and / or “extra” water.  I just finished three consecutive days of 4 to 5 pound losses at the “almost” four week mark.  Today’s loss breaks that streak and, strangely enough, I feel relieved.  I honestly felt if it continued for another couple of days, I would have to break the fast just to stop that kind of ridiculous (unsustainable and probably unhealthy) losses.  They were beyond my experience and therefore I did not consider them “normal” (whatever normal is meant to be).
Today I got my first low sugar headache of this fast.  At first I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I guess the large losses were almost a precursor to the headache.  The cure was to drink more veggie juice and more fruit juice.  This wasn’t the first time in my life I’ve had this happen, but I was still concerned until the headache passed.  I then spent the rest of the day walking a fine line between over drinking and not drinking enough for energy.  My “normal” mid-day drink is 32oz of ice-water with an ounce of lemon concentrate.  The problem with this drink is that it quenches your hunger, but it doesn’t provide very many calories (almost none).  So I also added in 32oz of ginger / mint tea and apple juice.  After that, I felt much better.
Other news:  My wife is still recovering nicely from her surgery.  She was up most of the day and even managed to get out in front and back to water her gardens / plants.  And, at the pool, I managed to do seven straight laps of breast stroke – more or less without stopping.  I usually try to swim fast, but today I just tried to cruise through them and I was able to keep going with only a brief pause to turn around.  Normally, I take a minute or two to catch my breath between laps.  Smooth and easy was a lot easier and more fun.  I believe I will miss the pool when it closes for the season in October.
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The end of day thirteen and the start of day fourteen…
Morning weight:  353lbs.  Wow!  Coming up on fourteen days with no solid food and I’m still feeling pretty good (diet / fast wise).  Every now and then I get a twinge of cravings, but it’s been pretty easy today.  Smelling Hil’s meals and watching all the food commercials on TV are the worst.  Of those, I’d put THE worst of it on the smells.  They are starting to cause an involuntary reaction – salivation.  LOL.  Welcome to instant memory land…  I’m not feeling hungry or anything close to that.  It’s just the smell of toast or curry…
And how does one deal with a purely memory induced taste sensation.  Well, I break out another bottle of veggie juice to reset the taste buds.  This is what I was talking about a few days ago when I said: “You have to have a bottle of veggie juice at the ready, because you never know when you’re going to need it”.  That’s what I normally do, anyway.  And it worked for breakfast.  Hil ate out for lunch.  For dinner, she had food and I hid in my room with a bottle of ginger / mint “tea” which I brew up.  And, then I had my veggie juice.  (Which I am still drinking as I type.)
I’ve been mentioning my kidney stones pain a lot lately.  Well, it turns out I may have stumbled on a palliative (if not a cure).  When I got home from the pool today, I got out a bottle of my ginger / mint tea.  By the time I’d finished the 32ozs, my groin pain was gone!  Not completely, but mostly!  I’d say it’s down from 8 of 10 to 1 of 10 (or less).  At the moment, it feels like a bit of residue “bruise” pain from passing a stone.  Since I haven’t seen any get passed today, I have to assume the drink helped dissolve whatever was causing the pain.  Eureka!  I hope it’s as simple as just drinking a bit of tea.  Only time will tell.  Fingers crossed all…
And tomorrow noon, will mark the end of two weeks veggie juice fasting…  🙂
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