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He had delusions of adequacy.
     —    Walter Kerr
[It also describes #DonTheCon’s competency as President.  When he was elected, I vainly hoped the Office would somehow elevate the man.  I KNEW it would not, but as an optimist, I hoped.  I felt the same when “W” was given the election by the Supreme Court in 2000.  I wasn’t entirely wrong, then.  “W” may have been a terrible President (tax, war, economy and environmental policy-wise), but at least he didn’t actively try to destroy the country’s institutions the way the current President is trying to do.   I guess it’s true that the Presidency hi-lights your weaknesses as much as it does your strengths.  The unfortunate thing is there is no way to predict (even at this mid-stage of his Administration) how much damage #IncompetentDonald will do to the country I love, to our allies around the world, to Western civilization, or with climate change – to the entire planet.  I only hope that last sentence is hyperbole.  I fear it isn’t.  …And I’m an optimist!    —    KMAB]
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So, was there a “BLUE” wave?  You decide…
Image of chart showing elections where Democrats made gains in the House of Representatives

Elections since 1976 where Democrats have gained seats in the House of Representatives

Of course, the image (above) ONLY shows the years with “net” gains – and this year is the largest numeric increase for the Democrats since 1976.  The chart does not show the years 1980, 1984, 1992, 2002, 2004, 2010, 2014, and 2016 where the Democrats had net losses nor the magnitude of those losses.  (Pretty significant losses in 1994 and 2010.)
Image of Popular Vote Last 6 of 7 Presidential Elections

Trends for Republicans to worry about…

What should be more troubling to the Republicans is that the second image (just above) shows in Presidential elections, the Democratic candidate received the majority of the “popular” vote in six of the last seven elections.  In 2000, George W. Bush became president (like Trump in 2016) because of the Electoral College, NOT because he received the majority of the individual votes by Americans.  And, in “W’s” case, Republicans won only because the Supreme Court stopped the recount in Florida while “W” had the lead.
It is (IMHO) extremely unlikely there will be any Constitutional change to the Electoral College system and the House (i.e. the States) is sooooo gerrymandered it is unlikely the moneyed party (the Republicans) will lose many of the plains and mid-west States without another major financial / economic collapse (like at the end of Bush’s term: 2008).  The “hope” of a demographics shift is “always” there as a forecast on the horizon, but it never seems to be the super-storm which reaches shore.  Finally, I have read projections of upwards of ten House seats being “flipped” due to the 2020 census.  So having (and holding) governorships and state houses coming out of 2020 will be critical for the next decade’s elections, too.
The work is just beginning folks…  Take a deep breath and then get ready to get back to the grindstone.  Democracy still has some catching up to do in this Republic.
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If something is presented as an accepted truth, alternative ways of thinking do not even come up for consideration.
     —    Ellen Langer
[To start off, #IncompetentDonald hasn’t made America great again.  He wouldn’t know where to start or how to go about doing it even if he really wanted to make it happen.  So, to now claim  he’s “done” it (made America great again), and now wants to be re-elected to keep it that way, is even more laughable.  (Yes, we haven’t even had the mid-terms and #DonTheCon is already running for re-election.)  It reminds me of “W” standing in front of his “Mission Accomplished” banner at the start of the Iraq war (1 May 2003).  We are still there (in Iraq and Afghanistan) over 15 years later…  If you are not in the 1% which the Republican tax cut greatly benefited, ask yourself:  “Will I be better off without healthcare and with reduced Social Security and Medicare coverage?”  That is surely where we are headed if Republicans retain control of both Houses of Congress.  John McCain is gone.  Obamacare will go down if there is another Republican controlled vote to kill it.  The tax cut has already worsened the federal debt AND deficit, and despite their claims they will protect Social Security, Republicans are already targeting “entitlements” (SSA and Medicare benefits) in their rhetoric.   How long will it be before they are reducing benefits in their legislation?  America, it is long past time to wake up and smell the coffee.    —    kmab]
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We fight against poverty, because hope is an answer to terror.
    —    former President George W. Bush
[Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut – or – a politician speaks the truth!    —    kmab]

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