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How do you spell “radar” backwards?  …
When I first started this blog I hoped to be soooo insightful a writer I would set the world on fire with the brilliance of my posts.  After about three months I decided I was only blogging for myself and stopped the hourly tracking of visitors (0), views (0) and followers (0).  However, because I am still me, I do notice and mark certain milestones – even if I rarely post about them.  Mostly I notice because they (the milestones) somehow tickle the “nerd” nerve in my reptilian brain.  Today is one such milestone.  I have been waiting to hit “1234” subscribers ever since I reached “1001”.  Today I hit “1221” (see image below – click on the image to see a larger version).
Image of 1221 subscribers.
LOL!!  For those who as nerdy as me, the name of this type of thing is a “palindrome” (a word, number or sentence which reads the same backwards as forwards).
For anyone who cares:  No, I don’t believe I have anywhere near that many followers.  Based on the average number of daily visitors, I’d “generously” estimate my number of “real” followers at between 15 and 20.  Last year, for some reason entirely unknown to me, I averaged about 35 visitors per day.  Until proven otherwise, I believe this to be a one off and unlikely to be sustainable.  LOL.  But what do I know?
Anyway, 13 more followers to go until I reach the next “nerd” number…  Since it took me almost 3 years to get to 10 followers, I’m not holding my breath.
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