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Last night, as I was finishing brushing my teeth / getting ready for bed, my wife comes into the bathroom saying she’s banged her head and she’s bleeding.  She was holding her left hand behind her ear and I could see blood pulsing down the front of her nightgown and bathrobe from her throat.  I asked her to move her hand so I could see and, when she did so, there was a pulse of blood down her head, the back of her neck and onto her robe.  I grabbed some toilet paper and held it up against where I thought the blood was coming from, but it was coming from slightly higher up and the blood pumped between my fingers, down the back of my hand and to my wrist.  I grabbed a bigger wad of paper and pressed against the (slightly) higher location and it seemed to pause the flow.  I told her to press the paper firmly and I was going to get some sterile bandages from the first aid kit then take her to the ER.  As I started to the hallway, she shouted at me to just wet a face-cloth and she would use that.  I was almost to the kit when she yelled again, “Just get me a wet face-cloth!!”  Rather than argue, I came back down the hall, reached into the linen closet and grabbed a face-cloth.  We walked back into the bathroom and I wet the cloth in the sink and applied it while taking the bloody paper and throwing it in the bin.
To make a longer story shorter, we went to the ER (a five minute drive), and, after a four hour process (interview / CT / tetanus shot), my wife got four staples and a tetanus shot for her trouble…  (See image below.)
Image of staples in Hil's head

A four(4) staple OWIE…

So, what happened?  My wife went to sit in a “computer” chair (with wheels) and she didn’t see it had a backpack on it.  When she tried to sit, she slid straight off the front of the seat and the chair shot away (on the hardwood floor).  We believe she must have caught the edge of one of the wheel case struts and she got an “L” shaped laceration requiring the four staples.  Fortunately, the blood only made it look a LOT worse than it actually was.
We were home by 3:30am and she has been resting all day.  And, in one week, (on her birthday), she can have the staples removed!!  To paraphrase a famous movie line:  “I’m getting too old for this sh##!
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