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The following are some before and after photos of our recent work on trying to upgrade the look of our home by painting the back and side fences.  Note: we didn’t actually try to “fix” the fences.  We only painted them.  This is based on what I learned 40+ years ago in Basic Training: “If it grows, trim it.  If it don’t grow and don’t move, paint it.”  I’m including three older “before” photos for comparison…  A lot of work, but we’re happy with the results.  Not bad for a couple of retirees.
Before After


Picture of back and retaining wall done.

Back and retaining wall done.

Image of Shiva at "Before" back fence.

Shiva at “Before” back fence.

Picture of back, retaining wall and north side done.

Back, retaining wall and north side done.

Picture of Hil and Shiva

Hil and Shiva

Picture of awkward corner behind tree

Awkward corner behind tree

Picture of back done; south side to go

Back done; south side to go

View of patio area

View of patio area

Picture of south side fence done

South side fence done

Picture of North side fence done

North side fence done

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