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Jurassic World – movie review  (Spoilers coming.  If you haven’t seen the movie – STOP NOW!!)
Last Sunday (Father’s Day), Sarah (my youngest) took me to see “Jurassic World“.  Sarah loves dinosaur movies and all things John Williams.  Okay, John didn’t contribute to this film, but some of the compositions have little samples from John’s original score from the first “Jurassic Park“.
So, what’s the movie about and is it any good?  Uh, dinosaurs and heck YES!!
So, the plot is basically, intro scenes, some talk, (blah, blah, blah, ethics lesson,) dinosaur eats human, (blah, blah, more ethics lessons, blah,) dinosaur kills other dinosaurs, blah, blah (arggh, MORE ethics!), dinosaur kills and/or eats more humans, and repeat until biggest dinosaur (Mosasaurus) eats not as big, steroid-raptor dinosaur and T-Rex roars: “Not in MY house!!”  (Okay, I kinda made that last part up, but just kinda.)  And then we fade to a happy ending – surviving.
The acting is okay.  The pace is pretty good.  The special effects are great – but I may be biased.  I love dinosaur movies (there I said it!), too.  And of course, one of the bad guys escaped with some amber for a sequel.  Final recommendation: Go see it again!  The film has raked in over $1 Billion dollars in just two weekends.  If you haven’t seen it, get out from under your rock or outta your cave (or wherever you’re hiding) and go!  Highly recommended summer action and adventure movie.  As usual, a disclaimer – some intense (munch) scenes may be too much for small children; it’s also not realistic science.  It is an entertaining movie.
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Tonight I re-watched “The Fantastic Four” movie/DVD.  The movie came out back in 2005 and was not a particularly big hit.  Back then, I thought it was just okay.  I watched it a couple of times after the DVD came out, but kind of stopped for no particular reason.  I think maybe it was because the sequel was not better than the original – even though I personally really liked the Silver Surfer character when I was a child.
Anyway, like I said, I watched it tonight and was very pleasantly surprised with how the movie seems to have aged well.  I think I actually enjoyed it more with perspective than I did in my initial viewings.  For one thing, the characters seemed more “comic-ie” than I remembered them.  That is, more faithful to the comic books than I remembered.  What can I say?  I enjoyed the movie…
On a bad note, I originally bought both copies in widescreen DVD format.  Somehow, they seemed to have grown feet and walked out of the house.  So….. my daughter picked me up a used copy of the first movie for last Father’s Day.  (Yes, it’s taken me this long to watch it.)  The downer was that it is in full screen instead of widescreen.  After you get into it, you can get used to it, but in the back of my head I’m still thinking, I wonder what else I’m missing because they’ve trimmed off the sides.
Another strange thought is that I kept looking at the actor who plays the Human Torch (Chris Evans) and thinking, “I’m not sure he makes a better Captain America or Torch”.  I think Evans is better as “Cap”, but only because he’s older now.
So, an enjoyable movie, but not great…

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