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A while back, I mentioned my wife still has her childhood teddy-bear: “Teddy”.  I also mentioned I think of Teddy as guarding our bedroom / bed during the day.  The other day, I was making the bed (well, straightening the bed) and my thoughts wandered back to the court scene from the movie: “A Few Good Men” and Colonel Jessep’s (played by Jack Nicholson) lines:  “You want me on that wall.  You need me on that wall!”  I chuckled to myself as I put “Teddy” on station.

Image of Teddy under the covers

Teddy “Under Cover” for Winter duty

Image of Teddy on top of covers.

Teddy In Summer Position


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
   —    Winnie the Pooh
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Where Do You Learn?

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Each Christmas season, our tradition is to get our Christmas tree the first full weekend of December and to take it down the first full weekend after January 6th (aka: the “Feast of the Three Kings” or “Epiphany” or “Little Christmas”).  We have a secondary tradition of purchasing a representative decoration for each year.  Sometimes they are religious (angels, stars, etc.), sometimes they are Christmas but humorous and sometimes they are topical (StarTrek, StarWars, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, etc).  Anyway, we are getting ready to take the tree down next weekend, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of this year’s tree and ornaments…  (You can click on the image to see a larger version.)

For the X-mas movie geek (me)

Peanuts Anniversary

Doggie Ornament (will be Shiva when we can get a decent photo after the lock-down)

Our 2020 Tree

2020 Tree and our “Saudi Tree” in the right background

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I’m Coming Out

Comment(s):  This was my wife’s favorite song while she was in San Francisco (the spring we met) in 1984.  I gave her the “Diana” LP as a going away present when she left to go back to the U.K.  We still have the LP in our vinyl collection.  (LoL)  It’s seen a few miles in its day!
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Sink The Bismarck

Comment(s):  This song followed the black-and-white movie from the same year (1960).  At this point in my life (early to mid-1960’s), I was still heavily influenced by country-music on the AM radio and 45’s which told stories.  Johnny Horton was famous in this song genre which included: “The Battle of New Orleans” and “North to Alaska“, and both were also movies – the former with Charlton Heston and the latter with John Wayne.  With the coming of the “British Invasion” vs The Beach Boys, I lost most of my taste for country twang.  Yes, I had exceptions for “softer” country like Johnny Cash (“A Boy Named Sue“) and “traditional” like Hank Williams (“I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry“), but I had pretty much switched to Rock, R&B / Soul, and some ballads.  In the mid-1970’s, I had a roommate (in Germany) who was a college DJ from Dallas, Texas.  Over many nights of cards, beer and German white wine he introduced me to the finer distinctions between Western, Country, Hillbilly and Nashville music and I really never looked back.  When I got back home, my family and friends were surprised to see ABBA, Motown, Hendrix, Dylan, Cash and Nelson all sitting side by side.  And, of course, the 1970’s brought Disco…  So, yes, I’ve a long list of songs to reminisce through…
A final note:  if you haven’t seen the three movies, I recommend them – particularly “Sink the Bismarck“.  Hmmm,  maybe this will prompt me to re-watch and review the movies, too.  LoL!
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Truly, Madly, Deeply

Favorite Line(s):
I love you more
With every breath
Deeply do…
Comment(s):  Just 36 years ago (today), my future wife came back to me from Liverpool.  We had met a few months earlier while she was visiting San Francisco on her holidays.  We were married a few months later and I love her more “With every breath“…   —   KMAB
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A few weeks ago, we finally got our back yard area worked on.  We had a fence repaired.  A wind storm toppled it and it was propped up with some supports ever since.  We got the path on the north side of the house re-done.  We’d had it done, but it didn’t slant away from the house, so it tended to puddle, or worse, tilt water towards the house.  And, we got two small patio areas added – one with some left over bricks we’d had for years, and one with some paving squares.  Here are some before, during and after photos…
Image of Old North Side Path

Old North Side Path

Image of New North Side Path

New North Side Path

Image of Original NE Corner w/ rusted shed

Original NE Corner w/ rusted metal shed

Image of NE corner w/ shed gone and bricks stacked up on dirt between the trees

NE corner w/ shed gone and bricks stacked up on dirt between the trees

Image of New NE corner w/ gray stones added, red path pads added and sitting areas completed.

New NE corner w/ gray stones added, red path pads added and sitting areas completed.

Image of New sitting areas (brick and pavers), with white stone trim and invading gnomes and other varied yard critters.

New sitting areas (brick and pavers), with white stone trim and invading gnomes and other varied yard critters.

Image of me in a hammock.

Moi assuming the position. I always swore I’d put up a hammock between those two trees!!

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Yesterday was the 4th of July, so Hil and I broke the rules (“guidelines”) and went out to my sister’s house for a BBQ.  We know it’s poor form, but sometimes you risk more than you should to be with family (Gemutlichkeit) – if only because these moments will be fewer in the future than they’ve been in the past.  It doesn’t make it “right”, but we ate outdoors and, when inside, the rooms had the exterior doors and windows open.  Fortunately, it was a beautiful sunny and warm day with a steady, cooling breeze coming off the Bay.  Oh, yeah, and except for the time it took to take these photos, we were mostly socially distanced.  Anyway, here’s three photos commemorating our throwing caution to the wind…  (And one for history.)
Me in my “flag” cap…
With the hostess… (2020 version)
Kev & Carm at 4th of July BBQ

Kev & Carm at 4th of July 2016 BBQ

And with our mom (who now lives with my sister).
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This is Teddy (the one-eyed bear)…

Image of my wife's teddy-bear

Hil’s Teddy

Teddy has been with my wife for as long as she can remember.  Originally, “saved” to be passed down to one of our own, Teddy was reclaimed by my Hil for want of “proper” attention.   For most of the last 15 (or so) years Teddy has been the proud daytime resident of our bed – tucked to the waist under our sheets and propped up against the pillows on Hil’s side of the bed.  Occasionally, slipping between both sets of pillows with an arm extended on either set.  Our ever vigilant guard bear…
Teddy is a fierce survivor!  As you can see (if you click on the image to see the larger version), Teddy has lost his left eye, had major reconstructive surgery on his right shoulder and has worn a fair bit of fur off of both arms and feet and under his chinny-chin-chin.
All things said, he’s a good little bear who doesn’t demand much by way of food or drink.  He gets by on lots of love and the occasional snuggle.
And each day he performs his duties:  by daylight he guards our bedroom and by night he watches over us as we sleep.
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Each year (for the last 34 or so) I celebrate the “tentative” end of winter with the blossoming of the daffodils.  (Hint:  my wife’s favorite flower.)  Here’s a picture of this year’s batch from the front of our house…
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As promised yesterday…  The first full weekend in December we get and decorate our Christmas tree!

A rainbow over the tree lot!

Tied to the top

Arriving at home

In the stand (with an assist from daughter Sarah)

Lit up! (from the right)

Lit up!! (from the left side)

And now we get to enjoy!!
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I grew up with divorced parents, back in the day when 90% of marriages / parents stayed together.  My mom raised my sister, brother and me all on her own.  It was difficult.  We were a handful.  I appreciate it more every year (particularly now that my own three are full grown).  The song / video below is about a dad who looks after his son.  When I hear it, though, I hear a song about a parent / provider who looks after his (or her) children.  Happy 92nd Birthday, mom.  Thanks for being my role model.
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If you’re planning for one year, grow rice.  If you’re planning for 20 years, grow trees.  If you’re planning for centuries, grow leaders.  If you’re planning for eternity, go to confession.
   —    Australian proverb
[One year ago, I had my heart stopped and re-started.  The procedure is called: “electrical cardioversion”.  Basically, the doctors zap you with electricity to “re-set” your heart rhythm from AFib to normal.  I’m still here a year later and Thanksgiving is coming up.  …One more year to be thankful for.  So far, good to go!  I’m hoping to plant a few trees this year.   —    KMAB]
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What difference if I hail from North or South
Or from the East or West?
My heart is filled with love
For all of these.
I only know I swell with pride
And deep within my breast
I thrill to see Old Glory
Paint the breeze.
With hand upon my heart,
I thank the Lord for this, my native land,
for all I love is here within her gates
My soul is rooted deeply in the soil on which I stand,
for these are mine, my own United States!
This is my country
Land of my birth
This is my country
Grandest on Earth
This is my country!
Land of my choice!
This is my country!
Hear my proud voice!
I pledge thee my allegiance,
America, the bold,
For this is my country!
To have and to hold.
Lyrics by:  Don Raye
Music by:  Al Jacobs
[I am a first generation American.  My father was born in Ireland and came to America as a teen.  My mother was born in Mexico, but came here within a year of birth and was raised here in America.  My parents were divorced and I have no idea if my dad ever became a U.S. citizen or not.  My mother did not.  She is still a Mexican national.  I was born here in the United States, as were my sister and brother.  I volunteered for four years of active duty in the Army near the end of the Vietnam Era.  I also served in the Army Reserves when my active duty was completed.  Including my civilian time as a Federal employee, I have over 26 years in service to my country.
All I can say to President Trump and any other Republican who would claim I’m not a “REAL” American “just” because I was born here is:  “This is MY country!  And I ain’t goin’ anywhere…!!”   —    KMAB]
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